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Los Angeles, CA – April 7, 2020 — Modern Living with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Celestial Clasp, Inc. Founder and CEO Maria Gibbs, who will showcase the company’s innovative Cinch Clasp Adapter.

Headquartered in Valrico, Florida, the company introduced The Cinch Clasp Adapter to allow anyone to put on or take off any necklace, chain, or bracelet in two seconds or less. Designed to accommodate up to three pieces of jewelry simultaneously, The Cinch Clasp Adapter is easy to use and magnet free! Made to match and compliment a wide range of jewelry designs, The Cinch Clasp adapter is available in hypo-allergenic stainless steel with gold, silver and rose finishes. The product is also available in gold and sterling silver.

Gibbs says The Cinch Clasp Adapter makes life easier for anyone who loves to wear jewelry but struggles with traditional lobster claw jewelry clasps.

"The Cinch Clasp Adapter is an invention that was created out of necessity,” Gibbs said. “A lot of people have issues putting on and taking off their bracelets and necklaces. We created the Cinch Clasp so that people can put on their jewelry effortlessly. With The Cinch Clasp Adapter, your jewelry connects to a simple push button clasp that easily slides open and closed with no fuss or frustrations. This solution makes wearing jewelry and bracelets a joy again."

For more information about Celestial Clasp and The Cinch Clasp Adapter, visit 

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