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They say that necessity is the mother of invention. It's certainly true in the case of Maria Gibbs. While preparing for a night out with her husband, James, she became frustrated when trying to fasten her necklaces - one at a time.

James was already in the car and his impatience was mounting. Finally, he came back in the house and called to Maria from inside the front door. "Maria, hurry up. Our reservations are for eight and it's already twenty of."

"I'm having trouble putting my necklaces on. There should be an easier way. I shouldn't always have to get your help with this. Someone should invent something to makes things easier for us." Maria was pretty tired of always having this problem.

"Why don't you invent it, then," James asked.

"You think I won't! Just watch and see."

And so, the idea was planted in Maria's brain ... and the rest is history.