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We’ve all struggled with putting on necklaces, bracelets and/or anklets. Then once you get the thing on, the problem is getting it back off. Those darn little lobster claws! Nails too long, too thick, too thin or you don't have any? Fingers too big, and/or arthritic! Where in the world did that clasp go? What a chore! Call for help!!!  And, what if you wear more than one piece of jewelry? Forget about it!

What would you say if I told you I’ve invented a clasp adapter that allows you can put on and/or take off any necklace, chain, bracelet, etc in 2 seconds or less EVERY time, and it’s not magnetic!  The Cinch Clasp is designed to accommodate 1, 2, 3, or more chains giving you that layered look in the same 2 seconds.

Take the test…go ahead…how fast can you remove your necklace…ready go!  Now put it down.  How long will it take you to put it back on…ready go!  now multiply that by 2, or 3 or more… do you get the point?

Contact me.  I’ve got the next great thing in jewelry wear.  I guarantee it.

Maria Gibbs - Founder/CEO
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